I can understand the desire to get to know someone, but it is also there to know yourself. Don’t worry; everyone goes through this feeling, sometimes more often than you may think. So far, what I have understood about myself is a little overwhelming, at some level pleasurable, while also being unsettling. 

To know one now is also about knowing them then. 

Today, I am mindful enough to understand the needs and wants I have, to differentiate the desire to experience bad and good. I am capable of understanding myself more and sincerely like I used to do. 

I have gone through ups and downs, which made me who I am today; a little crazy, too much of a perfectionist, puzzled, aware, and happy, and depressed. Yes, I used “and” twice, so don’t get stuck on that. This is for me and the world to be aware of how I got here. 

The ignorance made me see the clarity. The wittiness made me understand the innocence. The wilderness made me embrace the calmness. The heartbreak made me accept the hardship. The confusion made me more mindful. The existential crisis gradually made me livelier. The depression made me available for myself. The love made me strong. The death made me aware. The life made me affectionate. 

These feelings are the source of my existence and my choices. It is a note to self to Choose wisely and Exist thoroughly. 

Anyway, this is from the present me to the future me and to the reader. 

More so, one just has to remember that there is no need to be ashamed if you are depressed or overly content.


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