Cruel World

Yukti Khera

I am not the one to forgive and forget
I speak at any chance I get

Should I be quite at the funeral of desires
Or the murder of all the needs?
Is it fair to have something completely yours
Just to be taken away at the time of most need?

I am not the one to forgive and forget
Seems better to have this trait

Even though today we move on quickly
Does that mean we should give up completely?
This century doesn’t understand small things of life
Which requires wars and fights

I am not the one to forgive and forget
Yet forgiveness shouldn’t be unsaid

People forget to be the one to mistake
Yet expect behavior in a good way
They tend to be all of themselves
Without realizing their soul of cruelness

Am I being fair to the little mistake
What does that say about me?
Am I judgmental or just hurt?
Or am I just someone part of a cruel world?

It is better to forgive and forget
And say I love you to the handful humanity left
Not everyone has a weakness
And not everyone has a strength

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