Yukti Khera

Is it weird to enjoy a cliff?
How about a dive into the water?
Will I hit my head on the way down?
Or will it calm me without any sound?

Is it weird to enjoy heights?
How about jumping off with ropes all over you?
Will the ropes be cut loose?
Or will I get to scream in peace?

Is it weird to enjoy empty rooms?
How about roaming from one to another?
Will I be estranged more than ever?
Or will I find peace with all the space for myself?

Is it scary to dream of diving into the ocean without knowing how to swim?
Or is it a little frightening to have a hope that the ropes would be cut loose?

Does it matter if I can be invisible from myself in a place with only just me?

I have the thoughts within me
Those which I wish to scream out in the ocean
Thoughts which can survive the gravity pulling from beneath
The feelings which can be painted in the wilderness

Will I be missed if I be off that cliff?
Will I be remembered if I wish to try jumping in hope of no ropes?
Will it be ok if I run to somewhere abandoned?

Is it too much under my clothes? Is it too much under my skin?
Is it really something wrong or just a part of my imagination?

Should I call this a disaster or the end of the world?
Is it a start of something better or start of an end?

Is it yet to be seen and heard or someone did and decided to ignore?
Should I explain it with a pillow pressure on my face?

Does it matter?

Does my deathly existence matter?
Does my clobbered soul matter?

Out of all, why end up being suffocated like this?

Out of all, why end up being misunderstood like this?

Out of all, why end up being naïve and vulnerable like this?

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