Polar Night

Yukti Khera

I wonder how it really is
Where the sun never shines
Even for a little while
There is no light

It’s like December in Norway
But still, people find their stay
Yet there seem to be no light here
Nothing shining bright here

Should I go on with this wonderment
Or should I just wait for it to vanish away
Will any ease the restlessness
Will any make the pain away

Peace is what is asked
Calm is what is seeked
Existence is what is needed
Care is what is wanted

To be found or to find
To be lost or to hide
To exist or to cease
To be known or to be forgotten

How it comes to this
All the time
Why it comes to this
Even without a try

It has to be ended
Through and thorough
It has to be vanished
Even with being hollow

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