The Untitled

Yukti Khera

I saw the sunrise today
Because I saw sunset on us last night
Suddenly the trees around my house don’t shine
The greenery faded but somehow they still are green
Something seems wrong with the view
This morning doesn’t have the smell of the wet grass
It doesn’t have the freshness to grasp
It’s barren
It’s lost
The pain in my chest can’t come out
Nobody knows what happened
Is it just the agony or really the disruption around
It hurts to see faded colors everywhere
The wind can’t shake off the dirt
And it doesn’t touch or brighten anymore
It suddenly all disappeared
The dusk which now denotes the night
The twilight which won’t come out to dawn
The dark is there with no ray of light
And the empathy is all gone
The satisfaction of its existence
The clarity of the view
The perception
The depth
Dissolved in the gloom

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